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Siddhant Chabra

Senior Consultant

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Sidd is an honors scholar studying finance and economics at the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He has 3 years of combined professional experience in the fields of private equity, venture capital, professional services, wealth management, sales and marketing.  

Sidd worked for Ameriprise Financials, a fortune 500 wealth management firm. During his tenure at Ameriprise, Sidd aided in restructuring the 220 client portfolios, $105M AUM, using a goal based investment thesis and a fundamental approach. Conjunctively, Sidd worked as a marketing and sales intern for Sportsmanias, a startup focused on providing fantasy sports news. In this position, Sidd was a leading member of the sales team and was awarded the title of #1 sales representative in the company for 2 consecutive months.   

Sidd worked for 3 months at Deloitte & Touché in their technology advisory practice in Detroit during the fall of 2017. As a part of the assurance team, Sidd supported automotive and financial services clients by completing audits of various internal controls. In this role, Sidd was introduced to many risks associated with multiple enterprise software applications; which sparked his interest in emerging technologies that provide superior solutions. 

Upon completing his internship at Deloitte, Sidd found that he has a deep passion for the high tech industry and facilitating business growth. To develop a strong skillset in business strategy and gain hands on experience, Sidd worked as a freelance consultant for Beyond Horizons Incubator. His work in the incubator aided in raising client revenue by 60%.  

 Currently, Sidd works at Pennington Partners & Co, a private equity and strategy firm, as an analyst and at SaaS Ventures as a Venture Analyst. On campus, Sidd has held multiple leadership positions to further supplement his professional development. In addition to being a consultant at Spectrum Consulting group, Sidd serves as a Vice President of Operations at Spartan Blockchain Club and is a Team Leader at Students Consulting Non-profit Organizations.