Spectrum Consulting Group, Inc.
What's Your Legacy?


 Management Consulting

We recognize that your business is a machine with many moving pieces. Sometimes, you get too busy working in your business to actually work on it. Let us make an impact.



Operations is the heart of any business. We ensure our clients capture the full value of their physical and intangible assets through customized solutions. 

Supply Chain


Let us help you optimize your supply chain. Whether it is finding new suppliers or addressing inventory issues, we have the capabilities. 

Marketing & Sales


Do not leave business on the table, marketing is the driver of your top line. Effective marketing can mean the difference between 1x or 2x sales.

Business Strategy

While you are focused on running the day-to-day, we will help you map out the curves ahead, giving you the keys to maximize your potential.

Corporate finance

We help our clients develop a value-based approach that ensures optimal resource allocation to maximize operating efficiency and effectiveness.

Process Implementation

Crafting strategic solutions is a matter of creating the roadmap for your business. SCG goes one step further to help put your business into drive.