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Sam Stevons


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Sam's background includes five months in the aerospace and defense industry.  At the start of her sophomore year, she was on a co-op assignment with General Electric's Aviation business in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She sat on the buying team as a commodity management intern, specializing in the procurement of electronic components on flight management systems.  Through this, she was able to strategize and problem solve with suppliers, improving accepted purchase orders and commit date rates by 30%.  Sam also teamed up with the Department of Defense to conduct counterfeit mitigation reviews and audits on the manufacturing floor while at GE.  These past three months, Sam was in Irvine, California as a Global Logistics Intern at a medical device company called Edwards Lifesciences.  There, she became the U.S. project manager for the implementation of a new distribution center in South Korea.  She collaborated and oversaw IT, Quality, and Operation teams that sat in Korea, China, and the U.S. to ensure the progress and success of the project.  Additionally, she analyzed Edwards new product launch processes and designed a project management tool that condensed the launch procedure down to a single page.  Sitting on the Global Logistics side of the business allowed Sam to explore and identify new shipping lanes to transport products that resulted in about $25K in cost savings.

At the conclusion of Sam's junior year, she will be a Supply Chain Planning intern at Microsoft Corporation in their devices space.