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Quentin Prokopetz


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Quentin’s background includes a variety of experiences in the financial services industry. As a sophomore, Quentin spent 9 months with Jackson National Life Insurance Company where he gained knowledge about the insurance industry and valuable insight as to how large financial institutions operate. More recently, Quentin spent 3 months with Polaris Greystone Financial Group where he took on a wide range of responsibilities. At Polaris Greystone Quentin conducted fund research for the qualified plans team to ensure that the company was offering clients the best fund options possible for their 401(K) plans. He also performed stock analysis using Ned Davis and Equity Insights to provide clients with a hold/ sell opinion on their individual holdings. Additionally, Quentin played an instrumental role in increasing firm efficiency by automating workbooks used to track market conditions for the portfolio management team, as well as workbooks used for fund analysis and cash flow analysis.