Spectrum Consulting Group, Inc.
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Meet Our Team

 Ethan Thomas,  President

Ethan Thomas, President

 Moussa Zaatar,  Group Manager

Moussa Zaatar, Group Manager

 Navya Devarasetty,  Consultant

Navya Devarasetty, Consultant

 Yoodong Hwang,  Consultant

Yoodong Hwang, Consultant

 Luke Erdevig,  Consultant

Luke Erdevig, Consultant

 Kamil Barre,  VP of Operations

Kamil Barre, VP of Operations

 Harrison Duong,  Group Manager

Harrison Duong, Group Manager

 Akanksha Bawa,  Consultant

Akanksha Bawa, Consultant

 Shane Goldberg, Consultant

Shane Goldberg, Consultant

 Hailey Holdwick,  Consultant

Hailey Holdwick, Consultant

 Maryann Stockard,  Director of Marketing

Maryann Stockard, Director of Marketing

 Ramie Taher,  Group Manager

Ramie Taher, Group Manager

 Kaylee Zajac,  Consultant

Kaylee Zajac, Consultant

 Ryan Murray, Consultant

Ryan Murray, Consultant

 Hannah Huehn,  Consultant

Hannah Huehn, Consultant

 Nikita Dyatlov, Director  of Finance

Nikita Dyatlov, Director of Finance

 Eddie Koneczny,  Consultant

Eddie Koneczny, Consultant

 Munzer Rahman,  Consultant

Munzer Rahman, Consultant

 Rebecca Henning,  Consultant

Rebecca Henning, Consultant