Spectrum Consulting Group, Inc.
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Meet Our Team

 Ethan Thomas,  President

Ethan Thomas, President

 Yoodong Hwang,  Director of Business Development

Yoodong Hwang, Director of Business Development

 Masen Pieters,  Senior Consultant

Masen Pieters, Senior Consultant

 Quentin Prokopetz,  Consultant

Quentin Prokopetz, Consultant

 Conor Van Dusen,  Consultant

Conor Van Dusen, Consultant

 Abhishek Tekumullah,  Business Analyst

Abhishek Tekumullah, Business Analyst

 Hailey Holdwick,  VP of Operations

Hailey Holdwick, VP of Operations

 Joseph Dokho,  Senior Consultant

Joseph Dokho, Senior Consultant

 Luke Erdevig,  Senior   Consultant

Luke Erdevig, Senior Consultant

 Siddhant Chhabra, Consultant

Siddhant Chhabra, Consultant

 Andrew Good,  Business Analyst

Andrew Good, Business Analyst

 Olivia Statler,  Business Analyst

Olivia Statler, Business Analyst

 Hannah Huehn,  Director of Marketing

Hannah Huehn, Director of Marketing

 Munzer Rahman,  Senior Consultant

Munzer Rahman, Senior Consultant

 Rebecca Henning,  Senior   Consultant

Rebecca Henning, Senior Consultant

 Kelsey Lilley, Consultant

Kelsey Lilley, Consultant

 Sam Scharich,  Business Analyst

Sam Scharich, Business Analyst

 Ryan Murray, Director  of Finance

Ryan Murray, Director of Finance

 Eddie Koneczny,  Senior Consultant

Eddie Koneczny, Senior Consultant

 Brad Benstein,  Consultant

Brad Benstein, Consultant

 Kathie Lee,  Consultant

Kathie Lee, Consultant

 Sam Stevons,  Business Analyst

Sam Stevons, Business Analyst