Spectrum Consulting Group, Inc.
What's Your Legacy?

Nikita Dyatlov

Director of Finance 


Nikita has over 12 months of experience as a sales representative in premium household products. As an employee of Zepter International USA, Nikita performed various initiatives to help promote the quality of Zepter stainless steel cookware. By constructing a website for an affiliated subsidiary of the company, Zepter Michigan, sales have grown 2% on average since website inception for the small office. In addition, transactions have increased from repeat clients after implementing a marketing strategy where flyers were designed to be electronically sent to existing customers. His recent internship this past summer at MERS of Michigan, a pension fund in Lansing, has allowed him to develop valuable Excel competency skills to create automated reports and interactive spreadsheets for the investments department, thereby eliminating unnecessary time spent by other staff in manually calculating returns.