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Rebecca Henning

Senior Consultant



Becky’s experience in finance includes 3 months of work in the financial department at Amerisure Insurance. During that time, she organized over 2,000 reinsurance contract files, finalizing a paperless process implementation. She reconciled financial files inventory to the department of record retention. Additionally, she gathered evidence on financial data, helping to create documentation to simplify the external audit process. Becky also gained experience through the Broad Scholar Program at Michigan State University, where she completed research for the Accounting Department. She sought out DEF 14A documents within company filings and extracted information from the SEC to create spreadsheets and databases in order to record significant patterns through time.

Becky is proficient in IT Fundamentals, as well as in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Office. She is familiar with the Python coding language, and is working to gain proficiency in both Java and Python by next year.