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Kaylee Zajac



Kaylee’s background in Supply Chain Management and Economics includes six months of supply chain planning and financial data analysis. She spent three months in London, England at Warwick Capital Partners, LLP, a London based investment manager. Here she conducted research that analyzed specific facets of the solar energy industry. More specifically, she was able to identify upcoming market trends in solar grid and systems integration, solar operations, and solar-specific forecasts as they pertain to global economies. Kaylee also spent three months at Meijer, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a member of the Supply Chain Planning team, Kaylee was focused on performing a root cause analysis for costly DF to DF fresh produce transfers. Her significant learning experiences include retrieving and manipulating data with Teradata SQL and evaluating cost decisions. She was able to manage this project by creating a cross functional solution between all Meijer teams. Her initiative led to a reduction in the spoilage of fresh produce, improvements in logistical routing, and $500,000 of cost savings per year.  Her time on campus is devoted to organizations that promote sustainable initiatives, allowing her to bridge the gap between the environment and the economy.