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Brad Benstein



Brad’s professional background includes 6 months of internship experience in the field of Supply Chain Management. He first interned for an industrial supplier specialized in abrasive media, Grand Northern Products, where he gained exposure to both the automotive and aerospace industries. Holding a diversified role exposed him to multiple departments of the company and provided him valuable interactions with suppliers and clients on a regular basis. 

This past summer Brad worked as a Purchasing Intern for NN Inc.’s Mobile Solutions subsidiary, Autocam. He was largely responsible for evaluating and revamping the inventory management tool in order to be rolled out to global operations. Through this, he and his team discovered an opportunity to free up $7.6M of working capital globally that was being wasted due to excess inventory. This could save the company $532,000 in interest expenses annually. He also worked with NN corporate where he was tasked with creating data visuals to increase the visibility on indirect spend. Additionally, Brad identified and corrected systemic errors in the ERP system, worked with the purchasing managers to reduce and eliminate stock out and downtime, and improved forecast methodology. 

On campus Brad is a member of Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity, The Supply Chain Management Association, and The Entrepreneurship Association.